Digital Safety

Grade Level: Middle School

Buckaroo & Wallabella Boingg Explore Digital Space


We're going to learn about Digital Space and how to be a good Digital Citizen.

Follow Along

Download the workbook and follow along with the video below. 

Digital Space Pledge

Hands on the keyboard,
my fingers are in place.
Typed in my private password
and launched into digital space.

Qwerty taught me to be careful
and watch what I text.
Url showed me how to be a good citizen
and stay out of the Vortex.

I pledge on my tablet,
my many apps and on my phone,
to "Think" before I hit enter
with my friends or when I'm alone.

The internet is full of facts and fun,
I can even check my spelling.
Digital Space is a powerful force
when it keeps our friends LOL-ing!

Thank you for learning more about Digital Safety!

You have learned about the importance of being a good digital citizen. Congratulations! Share what you learned today with your friends, family members and teachers. And check out some other healthy books – see below for ideas!